How is PayFlock™ different from other payment methods?

PayFlock is not just another ecommerce shop or payment processor. We provide vertically aligned and commerce-enabled business solutions to a variety of industries.


what does that really mean?

It’s the difference between buying a suit off the rack as opposed to going to a tailor. One option just fits YOU better… so consider us your personal business tailor.


How secure is PayFlock?

With PayFlock, you never have to pass personal information to a merchant again!

We utilize 256-bit encryption and tokenization. PayFlock minimizes fraud by requiring two-factor authentication. Tokenization reduces “man-in-the-middle” attacks. No bank account information is ever stored at the point of sale. And it’s all fully PCI-compliant.


How do users pay for something without cash or cards?

When users see a product or service they want to buy that has a PayFlock QR, they simply scan it like any other QR code.  Funds are securely transferred from buyer to the seller after they enter PIN and confirm your purchase. No card needed!


How is PayFlock faster than other payment methods?

PayFlock speeds up the payment experience by allowing for one-step purchasing. Your customers never again enter bank account details when checking out. No entering shipping details when checking out, either.


Where can I use PayFlock?

On personal websites, Facebook, and Twitter. In videos, advertisements and retail outlets. On post cards, t-shirts, even yourself. ANYWHERE!

PayFlock also utilizes social network feeds by enabling sellers to freely post QR codes and other purchase links on sites ranging from Facebook and Pinterest to Twitter. For content owners and others, there is no more need for middlemen such as iTunes or Amazon. Now, the merchant or content owner gets to keep more or their own revenue.


Is it free?

For consumers, it’s free.  Of course, if someone uses a Visa, MasterCard, etc. linked to their account, the interchange rates will apply… see our pricing here for a full understanding of associated fees for merchant partners.


Can my users purchase something by scanning a QR if they don’t have PayFlock mobile application loaded on their smartphone?

Yes.  You can use ANY QR scanner (Redlaser, etc.) and you will be directed to a secure payments page.  On this page, they enter payment details and they are done!


PayFlock for Merchants


What is a merchant?

With PayFlock, anyone can be a merchant. Small business owners. Bloggers. Artists. Filmmakers. Anyone with goods to sell. Online. Or in person.


What are the requirements for a PayFlock Merchant account?

To have a PayFlock Merchant account you must:

  1. Be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Provide your Social Security Number or FEIN.
  3. Provide a valid physical address.
  4. Not be listed on the Visa®/MasterCard® Merchant Terminated File.
  5. Provide your real name, phone number, and other basic contact information.
  6. Have a bank account established within the United States that can accept incoming ACH transactions.
  7. Have access to the Internet with a compatible web browser and printer.
  8. Read and accept the terms provided in the TERMS OF USE
  9. Not be listed on the U.S. Treasury Office of Foreign Asset Control's (OFAC) Specially Designated Nationals List.


If I live outside the United States, can I still get a PayFlock Merchant account?

PayFlock is available worldwide.


Can I have more than one PayFlock Account?

Yes, you may have multiple PayFlock Merchant accounts as an individual. PayFlock requires having a separate account for each business you have.


Are there any restrictions as to the type of services or products I can sell?

Certain types of businesses and products carry a higher risk. In an effort to keep our fees low, PayFlock reserves the right to restrict or prohibit certain businesses or products. Please reference our High Risk/Acceptable Use Policy.


Why am I required to provide my Social Security Number as part of the signup process?

We understand your hesitation regarding providing us your SSN. Like banks or other financial institutions, PayFlock requires this number to verify your identity.

We use your SSN for verification purposes only. We do not send it to third parties, and the signup form is completely secure. Please refer to our Privacy Policy to see how your confidential information is used.


Why was my PayFlock Merchant account not activated after I signed up?

Typically when an account is not activated immediately after completing the signup process, it is because PayFlock was unable to verify your identity through our automatic process. This means that your account needs to be manually reviewed. Please follow the provided steps for completing this process.


When I try to sign up for an account, I receive the message that says my e-mail address has already been used.

PayFlock requires a different e-mail address per account. If you are receiving this message, we already have an account on file with this e-mail address. Please contact PayFlock Customer Service at letstalk@flockteam.com. We can be contacted Monday through Friday between the hours of 6:30 am and 7:00 pm Mountain Standard Time.


May I sign up for a PayFlock Merchant account using my business name and tax ID instead of my own personal information?

Yes, you may.


It is possible for my account to become inactive?

Yes. If you opt not to renew your account after your one-year term and there are no funds available in the account, it becomes inactive.


Disputes / “Chargebacks”?

A dispute occurs when one of your customers questions your charge with their bank or credit card company. Banks usually ask customers for a reason for the dispute.

Following the customer’s complaint, most banks tend to immediately side with the customer without additional investigation, and initiate a formal dispute. This can be pretty frustrating (and is a case of somewhat misaligned incentives), but there is a dispute resolution process, and in many cases you can prove that the charge was valid. 


Can PayFlock replace my current e-commerce solution?

Yes. With PayFlock you have an all-in-one commerce solution. 


Does PayFlock provide an API’s?

Yes. For more information, please contact us at developerinfo@PayFlock.us


How do I securely enroll in PayFlock?

Go here and follow the simple directions.


How do my customers get PayFlock?

Have them go to the iPhone or Android store and download PayFlock for free.